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X5Company sells more than 500 different kinds of aviation chemicals and keeps more than 300 in stock, what ensures immediate delivery all over the country.

Lubricants, Hydraulic Fluids, Greases, Sealants, Adhesives, Resins, Tapes, Abrasives, Corrosion Inhibitors, Contact Cleaner, Anti-seize Lubricants, Degreaser, Sanitizing, Polish, Surface Cleaner, Paints, Removers, Primers, Special Processes (NDT)

Quality Control

X5Company follows all Regulatory Standards and has all the approvals and licenses for handling aviation chemicals. The company has been certified by ISO 9001 for the processes of procurement, receiving, storage, documentation, shelf life control and distribution.

X5Company maintains constant monitoring of customer service in order to guarantee an updated quality of the products and services.

Supply Agreement

X5Company offers a more complete supply of chemicals and its customers are provided with all services. The products for their daily routine are in exclusive stock and readily available for delivery all over the country with no extra cost and on time.

Moreover, the complete management of chemicals in a fully interconnected operational structure certified by ISO 9001 guarantees the quality and safety required by the aeronautical standards.